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100 compositions online for the new year!

Posted by Richard Laurence on December 30, 2011 at 5:00 PM

Today I posted my 100th and 101st compositions online.  I still have about 8 in my mind and on paper to type up but it has been a good year for composing for me.  I have started to dwindle towards the end of the year though!


I thought I would run down through a list of new additions as I haven't added anything to my blog in ages!  (A little bit lazy!)


First of all, as usual there have been a few new additions to my educational pieces, notably 'Tired Eyes' which was my 100th addition to the website.


I have added 3 new pieces to my chill out music.  Each piece has been influenced by music that I have been teaching to students this term.  'Sunset through the Oaks' was based on a piece by Christopher Norton called 'Dreaming On'.  I find that Norton's music is a fantastic teaching tool as his pieces have so much versatility.  We were driving back home one day and at the end of our cul-de-sac are 3 oak trees.  The sunset behind it was stunning and very soothing so that's where the piece gets its title.  The other 2 pieces are influenced by a composer named Yiruma.  I was introduced to him by one of my pupils and I found his music very easy to listen to with a lovely stand out melody.  'One for Sorrow, Two for Joy' and 'Sweet Nothings' were very easy pieces to write because of him.


Another 3 pieces were added to my classical section as well.  'Little Sonnet Ballad' is a sweet and short piece in the same vein as 'Litlle Sonnet Waltz'.  The other two piece are both old pieces which I had forgotten about and randomly found when I was tidying up.  I remember not being that happy with either of them when I wrote them so I have altered them both.  'Mischievous Sprites' is not this piece's original name but it made me think of naughty kid when I re-played it.  'Variations on a theme' is a piece that never really went anywhere but I always liked the main theme so its here to stay.


There have been 4 new additions to the jazz section.  I have really enjoyed messing about with jazz this year and have been doing a lot of improvisation on all things that I have written.  'Blowing a Fuse' is by far my favourite and is also many of my pupils' favourites.  It really packs a punch and has a lot of drive.  'Sprint to the Finish line' is a shorter piece with the same feel but with a swing rhythm whilst 'Minty Fresh' just has a cool, relaxed swing going on.  'The Lazy Wagon' is a plodding blues that made me think of a western movie hence the name.


It is however, the modern pieces that have had the most additons.  8!  I have 4 pieces that I call explorations as they start in one key and wander through its relatives and other keys on its whimsical journey through to the end.  The one of major note is the one in F major.  It had a different title originally and was the second piece I ever wrote.  It lacks structure but I like the seventh chord changes.  I was 14 at the time when I wrote it and I still like ideas from it today. 


'For those in unmarked graves' was written after a visit to an American war cemetery.  It was mind blowing to see the wall of the missing as it went on forever.  The mood of the piece is sombre but grand, similar to Mussorgsky's 'Pictures at an Exhibition'.  'Snow Globe' was actually written last year when we got so much snow in the UK.  I never finished it and re-worked it a few weeks ago to give it an ending.  'Autumnal Sigh' was a short bittersweet piece that was written this Autumn. 


'The Last Leaf to Fall' was written after hearing the sad news that one of my brother's friends had been diagnosed with terminal cancer.  It made me think of Autumn for some reason.  My brother's friend passed away in early December and was such a lovely man so this one is dedicated to Robin Freeman.  Rest in peace.


On a happier note I hope you had a merry christmas and I hope that 2012 is a good one for you!



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