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Y did I write this?

Posted by Richard Laurence on November 28, 2010 at 10:27 AM

I've just posted an old composition on my music and photos pages.  It's called Y but thats not it's original title.  I composed it during college because I wanted to write something that would be tricky to play.  I have since learned that doing this usually means that the music is often not great.


My piece of music called "Change is Inevitable" was an old college piece as well however I feel that that piece actually still sounds good to my ears.  "Y" on the other hand does not.  I like parts of the music but I feel that it just wanders around to much.  The piece was written deliberately in A sharp minor because a fancied the challenge of writing in 7 sharps or flats.  I do realise that it would make more sense if the piece was in G flat minor however I decided to be faithful to how I originally had written it.


All in all, its not my greatest work but I hope some people out there will find it interesting anyway!



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